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We are an expanding real estate company on the rise located in Chicago. We started small but soon expanded our business and grew large, founding many subsidiary companies along the way. When it comes to real estate, it’s important to know what you’re offering.
No matter what your agenda is on the topic at hand the goal to success in this business is presenting both negative and positive sides of a real estate. This is why we have a strict code that every newcomer in our team follows. Abiding these rules is absolutely imperative to our success.
For a mechanism to work properly, every part must be in place functioning without a flaw, and the same rules apply to an idea of a company. We fully understand this and implement this philosophy in our everyday work. As reputation and status on the market shows who we truly are, we let our customers talk about our services more than we do.

Our Mission



We are known for many business projects in the area, but to bring you closer to our aspect of dealing with real estate we’ll introduce you to our most successful ones.


Down on the far southwest side, we have a beautiful complex of offices great for small business companies on the rise. Not only that they will be able to meet the demands of the market with this location but also beat the competition as well.


Back on the northeast area, we have a recently built small building close to shopping malls, flea market and everything you family will need. It’s a great location for you to start a new life with your family.


And finally, our most prized real estate project located in the center of the city. Modern architectural style of these apartments fully equipped with high-tech home appliance will attract even the most demanding buyers.

Our Business Structure


Marketing manager

Marketing manager contributes to advertising and spreading the word of our services not only in Chicago but worldwide as well. He also leads a team of professional advertisers that strive to bring new ideas every day on representing our company to clients and business associates.


Our top real estate agents are working day and night to find the most suitable choice for every client. Location, condition, and price of a real estate is closely examined before they present a certain realty to a client. Communication with our clients is essential in this business; this is why our agents are in touch with our clients on a daily basis.

Market analysts

Market analysts are responsible for understanding the competition and tracking their sales and offers in order to improve our services. More than once did they prove that they are essential in our company as we would not rise as easily without them.
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Best Tips For Buying A Home In Chicago

Best Tips For Buying A Home In Chicago

Making an investment such as buying a house requires a lot of planning. Chicago may sound as an appealing city to live in, but you shouldn’t rush into buying a real estate before you know your financial situation allows it. In order to avoid some of the most common mistakes when buying a house, have a look at this list of tips to help you with this process.

Hire Professionals

After you contact your real estate agent and you notify them that you want to buy a house in Chicago make sure that this agency has market analysts on their team. They will not only help you find the best real estate deals but also give you a chance to drastically lower the price.

By checking their completion’s sale history they can find out if the house you want to buy is really worth as much as they are offering. A location is often a factor that can increase the price of a realty of lower it. So make sure that you hire only the most professional team of real estate agents before you start making any plans.

Find out what your Budget is

Contact your bank and find out what deals they have on loans. Finding the perfect house and finding out that the price is out of your reach is stressful, and disappointing.


To make sure that you can approach any homeowner with a reasonable offer, get a loan from your bank before you start doing anything. The important thing to remember is not to include the loan amount in your offer, this way if you can’t bargain to buy it for the amount you have, you can always contact your bank and add that loan money to the deal. This will surely get you your dream house.


Investing large amounts of money on redecorating and remodeling the interior or exterior is never advised. It’s always better to get a house that is in good condition for a reasonable price, then to look for a cheaper one in a less appealing state.

Tips For Buying A House In Chicago

Tips For Buying A House In Chicago

When you are starting a new life with your family, the biggest problem whether or not you can afford to buy a new house. Given that city of Chicago is known for various deals on real estate, we can agree that everyone can find something appealing for a relatively small price.


So to make this process of picking the right real estate deal easier, we’ve made a list of things to pay attention to when buying a new house in Chicago.

Location Is Essential

While some areas offer houses on sale for an extremely high price, other areas will offer relatively cheaper deals on real estate. So if a location is not a big deal for you, make sure your real estate agent knows this. Communication is important, and you should inform your agent about your budget and describe exactly what kind of house you are looking for.

Condition and Price

Now, some homeowners are aware of the condition in which their real estate is, and often when a potential buyer approaches them; they will decrease the price for a couple of thousands of dollars.

As this is not a small number, hire a professional to determine the condition of the real estate before you start making any deals. This information will give you better arguments to drop the price and get a better deal. Eventually, you put the expenses on paper and convince the home owner to either lower the price or invest that money in home repair.

Clean Bank Account

Before approaching a homeowner, make sure that your bank account is clear of any loans. Homeowners will check your bank account and look for your loan history. Only once you are ready to start making a deal, contact your broker and find out how big your budget is. You wouldn’t want to find out in the last stages of making a contract that homeowner isn’t satisfied with your bank account history.

Best Tips For Looking For An Apartment In Chicago

Best Tips For Looking For An Apartment In Chicago

When it comes to buying or even renting an apartment in Chicago, you need to know where to look in order to get the right price. Some location offers more expensive apartments than other. This is only because you are buying a lifestyle that comes with a location and an apartment in that area.

So let’s look at some of the best locations in Chicago to look for an apartment.

Central Area

apartment-rent1If you are looking for modern architecture and premium apartments, you’re in the right place. Look no more as the central area of Chicago offers only the most luxurious apartment in the whole city. Not only that everything is within reach including shopping malls, flea markets, small shops and gas stations, you will also enjoy a lifestyle that the only center of the city offers.

Far Southeast side

Are you tired of big city lights and noise that comes with living in the heart of the city? If so, moving away in the far southeast side of the city will provide a sanctuary for your ears and eyes. Less chaotic lifestyle, with a calm neighborhood, will soothe your senses as this area will offer the best apartment if you want to stay away from the center.

Far North side

Much like the apartments in far southeast side, far north side offers friendly neighborhood and a welcoming community where you will happily spend your retirement or just get away from the city lights.
No matter what your reason is for walking away from the city noise, choosing to buy an apartment in this area will sound like the best choice you’ve ever made. You can find decent apartments for a moderate price in this area.


Depending on what kind of life you are leading you can always choose your neighborhood as the city of Chicago has a lot of areas that differ in many ways. So get your broker on the phone, get in touch with a real estate agent and find the best apartment in Chicago to start a new life!

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a House for the First Time

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a House for the First Time

When buying something especially a home it’s a very exciting moment in your life! There are many factors to consider and advice to be aware of that needs a lot of focus and attention to detail. But unfortunately there are always things that can go wrong when buying a home. There are problems and mistakes that buyers will encounter in the process but that is generally a normal occurrence. These problems and mistakes can be easily avoided if you take-time to learn or to understand what steps to take when first getting started.

Getting a Bad Real Estate Agent

It is very important to a seller or buyer that you get a good real estate agent to represent you. What is there to know about getting a good real estate agent?

There are many things to consider and to understand to make sure you have a real estate agent that’s going to be able to help you. The seller or buyer should look at them as a counselor or adviser, not some salesperson that wants you to buy their products. They must be able to look into the needs as a buyer and educating you on crucial information that you will need to know in order to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Disregarding the advice of Your Real Estate Agent

It is your job to hire the best real estate agent possible for your situation if you want things to be done right. Assuming you actually have a reputable agent, you should listen to their advice and go with it! The real estate agent should be focusing on the best interest that does not conflict with your needs as a buyer. Many experienced agents should have a great knowledge to guide any kind of buyer through the transaction.

If the buyer is looking for a home,  your agent should be experienced enough that they should be able to tell you the things to look out for while inspecting the home.  When you find the ideal home your agent should help you figure out how much to offer the seller for the home and then adjust accordingly based on their response.

Setting too High of Expectations

Many buyers fail to understand their wants vs. needs when looking for a home. They do not have any idea of how to set their budget and expect they’ll be able to find their dream home without much concern for what they can actually afford. Buyers should take time to understand what they can actually afford and not break the bank. This is why it’s important to have a reputable real estate agent who knows what they’re doing. With a good agent in your corner they’ll be able to help you figure out what you can actually afford and find a home that’s within your budget that you will later be able to call your home.

How Much Should a Seller Ask For Their Home?

How Much Should a Seller Ask For Their Home?

Selling a home is a stressful process. You have your work cut out for you, and determining the right asking price is only a small part of the battle. Even though your asking price is merely one component of a much larger picture, it’s one of the most important components.

Too high, and your house will never sell. Too low, and you’re losing the profits you deserve. Your ideal asking price depends on a variety of factors, and you’ll need to consider a variety of factors when determining the final sum.

What’s The Market Like?

One of the most important figures you need to consider when pricing your home is the median asking price of similar homes in your area. Pricing yourself out of the market means you’ll be sitting on your home for a lot longer than you had intended to.

Look beyond the list price, and see how long these homes have been sitting on the market. What did they finally wind up selling for? Your realistic estimate should be based around the actual sale price of these homes.

What’s The Condition of Your Home?

If there are any major defects with your home, you won’t be able to ask as much as you would for a similar home in better condition. If you aren’t interested in doing any of the repair work, you’ll have better luck pricing your home less than the estimated cost of the necessary fixes.

If you’re a little more ambitious and you’re willing to put some elbow grease into the situation, you can do the work yourself (or hire a contractor) to bump your home up to full market value. If the cost of the repairs exceeds the value they will add, it may not be worth it.

Have You Made Any Improvements?

Some improvements yield a staggering return on investment. A new roof can add anywhere between 15 and 40 percent to the value of your home. Kitchen updates are another value booster, with bathrooms coming in as a close second.

If your kitchen and bathrooms are seriously outdated, you’d be shocked to discover how much an update can boost the value of your home. If you aren’t sure where you stand in the area of improvements, you can always have your home appraised.

How Quickly Do You Want to Sell?

If you’re adamant about receiving full market value for your home, the sale may take a little longer. If you have the time to wait, you may find that it’s worth holding out.

Your asking price should fall in line with your desired time-frame. Lower asking prices generally lead to homes selling fast. If you have other obligations or you need to move quickly, you may have to sacrifice how much profit you’ll receive off the sale of your home.

Are You Using a Realtor or an Investor?

Think about the route you want to take. With a realtor, a variety of factors can affect how much you’ll actually receive from the sale of your home. If your home sits on the market for an extended period of time, a real estate agent may advise you to lower your asking price.

Some real estate agents may suggest you make improvements. At the end of the day, the realtor still needs to take his or her commission, and this can knock down your final sum significantly.

Investors rarely give full market price for a home, because they intend to do things their own way. They may want to modify your home, resell it, or rent it out. While you’re not getting your home’s full worth, you’re also not risking the price going down any further.

Most investors pay cash immediately, expediting the sale process. After you consider all the costs involved with choosing a realtor, using an investor can potentially be more profitable.

There’s no right or wrong way to sell your home, and there’s no clear-cut way to determine the perfect asking price. if you’re someone who needs to sel their home fast, there may be some trial and error along the way. Just make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the process before you decide to sell.

Tips When Buying a House

Tips When Buying a House

realestateDoes your community feel unsafe? Do you have rowdy neighbors? Are you looking to have a bigger and more spacious home? Planning to move out of your parents’ home? Regardless of your reason for wanting to move into a new house, taking on this endeavor is a leap of faith. It’s exciting and daunting at the same time.

Are you looking forward to finally owning your dream home? Perhaps thoughts of lush green gardens with white picket fences are streaming in your head right now. Getting the keys to a beautiful home can be an exhilarating experience. But before you get carried away by this happy thought, you need to be prepared.

Making an impulse purchase can likely lead to making a wrong purchase and having serious debt. Before you dive in on a seemingly wonderful real estate deal, you need to do your research and refer to quality advisers. Doing so can spell the difference between enjoying a quiet, peaceful new home and a horrible home buying experience.

Purchasing a new property involves a big step with massive consequences. If you’re looking forward to experiencing real estate bliss, here are a couple of tips that you might want to consider.

Attend Seminars and Forums

Are you a first-time home buyer? The best way to educate yourself with the nuances in these transactions is to attend seminars and forums. As most of these are free, it’s no added cost to you to learn about the business of real estate properties. What’s more, you can ask pertinent questions as it relates to your situation as well as obtain advice from people who are in the know.

You don’t want to make a wrong decision in something so big. So why not learn directly from those who understand the real estate business? In these first-time home buyer seminars, you can get pointers on subjects that related to shopping for a home or how to obtain financing, among others.

Don’t Spend on What You Can’t Afford

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new home is to make sure you spend only within your means. While a beautiful, two-story home with lush green yard may seem very appealing to you, you need to resist the urge to sign that check if you can’t really afford it. Otherwise, you’ll be setting yourself up for trouble of a massive bill.

As you gaze into that picturesque real estate, sit back and seriously consider if your average cash inflow can take care of your planned home purchase. You might want to take a hard look at your expenditures and assess if what you have left will afford you that home.

If the numbers don’t add up, perhaps you might want to ponder on a change in your spending lifestyle, earn additional income, or consider another property.

Your Needs Should Come in First

If you have to work within a budget, the necessities should come first priority. Thus, you might want to consider factors like the safety of the neighborhood or the home’s proximity to schools, hospitals, or entertainment establishments. Create a list of the things you need to have in your home. Once you’ve narrowed these down, it’s easier to make a decision.


real-estate (1)Knowing Your Mortgage Options

Like most people, you might be contemplating on your mortgage options. Mortgage is basically an agreement between you and the bank; the bank lends you money and retains the right to repossess your home if you fail to hold up to your end of the bargain.

Mortgage contracts are long-term and carry massive consequences. Thus, it’s a good idea to shop around for your options and weigh in on what best suits your needs.

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